About Stephen Power

Stephen Power is an award-winning digital photographer and photography teacher based in Ardagh, County Limerick, Ireland.

He has 31 years experience as a published photographer and specialises in music, commercial, advertising and editorial photography.

In the early 1980's Stephen spent a few years contributing rock music images for a music image library and, as a frustrated musician (with little real talent), the thrill he got from standing so close to top-class musicians doing their thing, and being able to photograph them had a profound effect on him.

So much so, that the desire to photograph music and musicians, while being only a small part of the work he does now, is very strong in him and that is unlikely to change.

Stephen won the 2007 NAPP Guru Award for photography and was awarded the trophy at the "Photoshop World" event, in Boston, USA. Also in 2007 the prestigious Association of Editorial Photographers of the UK & Ireland honoured Stephen Power with a "Showcase" of his work.

Stephen has been photographing professionally for corporate organizations, State bodies, newspapers, magazines, books, travel guides, brochures, websites, calendars and advertising promotions - and many more high-profile clients, since 1982.

His recent photography clients include: Tourism Ireland, Bord Bia, Pfizer (Ireland), The Irish Times, The Sunday Times (UK), Dorling Kindersley, Johnson Press (Ireland), BMS Ireland, The Knight of Glin, Prenton Publications, Musgrave Retail, The Liffey press, MediaTeam Publications, The Photography Institute, The Mid West Regional Authority (MWRA) and The Irish Congress of Trade Unions, and Saxophone Life magazine.

He is also honoured to be on the list of technical review editors for Focal Press, one of the oldest-established and best known photography and digital imaging book publishers in the world. He is also "Associate Editor (Ireland)" for the acclaimed F2 Freelance Photographer magazine.

Stephen holds a Masters Degree in adult education from the South bank University, London and has over 20 years experience of teaching adults - at all skill levels of photography and digital imaging, from beginner to experienced photographer.

He is also a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the UK and Ireland.

Stephen's latest book "Traditional Notes: A Celebration of Irish Music and Musicians" is published by The Liffey Press (Dublin) and has received critical acclaim.

His Photography Blog is here: http://thesnappysnapper.blogspot.ie/