FREE Landscape Photography eBook

Award-winning photographer and photography teacher Stephen Power offers you his popular "Get the Most from Your Landscape Photography" eBook completely free. This 30 page eBook has invaluable information to enable raw beginners and advanced photographers to get more from their landscape photography. Containing a number of Stephen's own best-selling images, this is a must-have book for anyone wanting to improve their location photography.

**Currently only available to photographers based in Ireland & the UK**


1. How to get the most from your camera When Photographing Landscapes page 3

2. Light is Everything in landscape photography page 7

3. Essential Accessories for Landscape Photography page 12

4. Expose Your Landscapes Expertly page 16

5. Understand Depth of Field page 17

6. Compose Your Landscapes Perfectly page 19

7. It’s Not All About the Bigger Picture page 26

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